Undeniable Blue 2


There are very… very few times I have walked into Forever 21 and found something I actually like. However, a couple of weeks ago I was shopping with one of my friends and found this dress in Forever 21 of all places. To me it was such a cute, basic piece that I could build on. Throw a sweater over it for fall, or just put on some cute jewelry and sandals like I did here. I also fell in love with this dress because it is almost what I would call Undeniable blue. This is definitely a dress that will be worn year round, and I can’t wait to show y’all what I do with it!



















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{Dress//Shoes//Necklace//Rings (1 and 2)}



Sunday Reflections ~ Deep Waters


As I mentioned in last week’s Sunday Reflections my school’s retreat team hosted the Freshman Retreat this past Wednesday. We do a retreat for every grade but the freshman retreat always comes first. The retreat was amazing and I really hope the freshman got as much out of the retreat as the team members did. Due to our speakers and the subjects they ended up talking about the retreat ended up coinciding with my past reflections which was essentially: Don’t judge anyone because you have no idea what they are going through. I really think, hope, and pray that the freshman will take that message with them. I did started thinking after the retreat, if there could be one other thing I would want to instill in them, what would it be? It is this: through everything God is always with you. Life will get crazy and messy and completely unexpected and sometimes horrible things will be thrown at you, but through everything He is always there. He is your back brace and your safety net. Rely on Him, and trust in Him. Remember that always.


A Few Fall Trends

Like most girls, I cannot wait for fall. The crisp weather, the beautiful colors of the trees, bonfires, pumpkin spice everything…The list goes on and on. But my favorite part of the season, by far, is the fashion. I understand that packing away your cute summer wardrobe can be sad. But I promise, this year those bittersweet feelings will quickly be overtaken by excitement when you see some of the new trends for the season.

woman drop leaves in autumn park

Dramatic Lips and Eyes

Elle Magazine named smokey eyes and ’90s lips two of the hottest makeup trends for the upcoming cool weather. The diffused smokey eye can easily be achieved by with a combination of brown and black liner.

For your lips, the “new” ’90s style consists of dark shades, dramatic hues of plum black and berry. These lips can be a big change if you’re used to a neutral pallet. For something a little more in your comfort zone, you can ease yourself into the bold look by starting with your usual go-to color in a shade or two darker.

Brown Suede

The season’s makeup trends might be reflective of the ’90s, but some of the clothes are straight out of the ’70s—including the rise in popularity of brown suede. StyleCaster contributor Jasmine Garnsworthy said brown suede has ruled the runways recently in boho-inspired midi skirts, coats, and some jumpers. Even the classic fringe jacket is making a comeback.

If you’re hesitant to invest in a large piece, you can start with a pair of flat brown suede boots, or a brown suede bucket bag.

Black and White Tartan Dresses

Tartan is always a popular pattern for causal fall tops, but this season you’re likely to see it a lot more on formal attire, especially in black and white. If you look to Lyst’s collection, you can see the style represented on the Acacia Check Dress and the Sigat High Neck Shift Dress, as well as the Amabel Printed Challis Dress.

Sporting this trendy look can put a little fall fun into even the stuffiest formal events. Finish it off with a simple black heel or flat that you’re more comfortable in.

Make sure you get some use out of your summer clothes while you can. Fall and sweater weather are just around the corner, and you’ll want to take advantage of these trends before they’re gone!


The White After Labor Day 1


Hi y’all! Today I am sharing another summer-y outfit with you because I am rushing to get them all in before fall! I love summer but I really want to put on a sweater right now. I got this adorable top at J.Crew much earlier this summer, hence why I can’t find it online, (sorry!) and have been loving it! I seriously believe that if you buy anything from J.Crew for under 20 dollars you are actually committing a crime. It is such a steal!! I got this top for about 18 dollars and was, obviously, over the moon. Also, I took these pictures way before Labor Day but they ended up working out perfectly with the “white after Labor Day” trend! I honestly do believe that there are not any hard and fast fashion rules anymore. Just do your thing and find your own style! Hope y’all enjoy!












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{top//shorts//shoes (similar)//necklace}


Sunday Reflections ~ Storm 1


“Do not judge. You don’t know what storm I’ve asked her to walk through.” ~God Recently, all of the retreat team for my high school was asked to pick their favorite quote or bible verse for something we are doing at the Freshman retreat. Of course, I jumped onto my Pinterest board and started scrolling through my pins. I ran across this one and knew it had to be my quote. Here is the thing, everyone is going through something. Even if that something seems insignificant to you, it may be tearing them up inside. Things affect everyone differently, and we have to remember that. There are also so many things in people’s lives you just don’t know about. If someone is in a bad mood one day don’t blow them off and say they are just being rude, ask them what is bothering them. We have no idea what obstacles God has put in other people’s lives. We just have to remember no one’s life is perfect so never ever judge.


My Rule: Never Let Blogging Take Over 1

When you are starting your blog there are a lot of choices you have to make. How often should I post, what should my content focus on, etc. Besides the basic blogging things there are a few ground rules I set up for myself. The most important rule I set up was to never let blogging take over. The second I got too stressed, my grades dipped, or anything negative happened I had to step back. I have been pretty good about keeping this rule too. During weeks where I am busy, or I know I will be ridiculously stressed I don’t post. Now, I will admit that sometimes I feel guilty about  this. If you are a blogger than you are probably familiar with the guilt that comes along with a posting hiatus. Often times I just have to step back and realize that taking a break really is what I need at that time.


(Grease themed TWIRP week)

On a slightly different note, I never wanted to let my blogging take over my high school experience. I am someone who goes into everything 100% and that is how I am with school. I am not just talking grades, I really want to be fully involved in my school’s activities. No matter how stressed out I was about that Friday night blog post, I never missed a football game.

Blogging is a huge part of my life, and it is something that can easily start encroaching into every aspect of your life. You have to realize that blogging will always be there. Your school and friends won’t be. While they may always be in some aspect of your life, after these four years of high school things will never be the same. Take advantage of the time you have and the people that are in your life now. In the grand scheme of things that one blog post that didn’t go up will not be the end of the world. I promise.

End of Summer Sun


Happy Labor Day everybody! I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday weekend! I have always had such a mixed feeling about Labor Day. I am so happy to get a day off of school and I love getting to spend time with friends, but Labor Day also signals the end of summer. This outfit was one of my favorites throughout the whole summer. I love, like L.O.V.E, this top, and everybody knows I’m a sucker for anything lace so the shorts are absolutely perfect. This outfit is also crazy comfy, especially the shorts. I feel like my goal this summer was to never wear anything uncomfortable and I think I succeeded. I have a couple of more summery outfits to show y’all and then it is straight into cozy sweaters. I picked up some great ones this weekend and I can’t wait to share!


















Outfit Details:

{top(bought at local boutique)//shorts (similar 12)//shoes//necklace}