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Hi everyone, it has definitely been awhile. So here I am, February of my Freshman year of college, and I haven’t blogged in forever. I really miss it and I miss having something creative that is fully mine. So I know I say this a lot, but I’m coming back. It won’t be consistent (at least not right now), but I plan on making it more honest, more open , and more about my life. 

So this big paragraph below was a post that I wrote in May of my senior year of high school and never posted, but I still think it should be put out there. It was very true to how I was feeling at the time. An update to how I’m feeling now is coming soon. 🙂 

Here we are at the end of my senior year and I have thoughts, a lot of them. I have been wanting to write something for quite some time now but I was not sure exactly what or how I wanted to say certain things. Today though I was scrolling through Pinterest and the quote that the title of this post is based on popped into my head. “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” This year has been nothing that I expected it to be. Some parts have been absolutely the best moments of my life thus far, and some have been heart wrenching to be quite frank. But the thing is even all of the bad, like one of my friends said the other day, has been connected to some good. This year has been a rollercoaster and because God has a funny sense of humor and once again needed to get the point across that I can’t see everything that’s coming and to never say never, this past month has been more confusing than ever. So what’s the real, direct inspiration behind this post? A few weekends ago was my senior prom and our after party was amazing and by Monday everyone was super sentimental. It made us realize that we love our class and we can have a heck of a lot of fun together. So, while three of my friends and I were sitting at a table in Whataburger at 4 in the morning on that early Sunday a thought popped into my head: There are a lot of people I have gotten close to in the second half of the year that I wish I would have known this whole time. Most of the people I hang out with now I was not even speaking to freshman year. There are very very few people I told everything to freshman year that I still tell everything to. One, to be exact. These people that have come into my life in the past year, six months, even this month have genuinely made such an impact on me. I have made memories with them that I (hope) I will carry forever. It’s funny to think that some of the best nights were spent with people that a year ago you didn’t know at all. But back to the title… I worry all the time about loosing contact with people, forgetting memories, and truthfully, people forgetting me. Trust me, I have been told over and over again that if people are meant to stay in my life we will always find our way back to each other. But it kills me to think that there really are some people that after graduation and after this summer, I may never see again. And it’s even stranger to think that some people you want to know for a lifetime may only be seasonal, or most of the time for me, reason people. So truthfully, I am not quite sure what the point of this post is. Maybe it’s to say this: savor your time with people, embrace everything, and don’t hold grudges.

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  • Kadasia

    I’ve bee following you for quite the while and have also taken a super long break from blogging, I was so sad when your old link didn’t work! but I found ur blog lol. I totally understand what you’re feeling but its true-sometimes we only need certain people for a season some might stay forever but those memories and the time spent is still worth it! (: