Sunday Reflections ~ An Update (& I’m Coming Back) 1


Hi everyone! So this week I am doing my Sunday Reflections a little backwards and I am starting this post before I have a quote. Basically, I have no idea where this post will go I just feel the need to let you know where I am right now and give you an update on me. So, as you have probably noticed, I essentially took a two month blogging break. I had no plan to do this, but I think at the time it was what I needed. I want to start this by saying thank you all so so much. For the first time in months today I went ahead and checked my site stats (the stats that show how many people visit Carrie On Blogs everyday). Honestly, I was expecting a zero or just a handful every few days, but I was shocked with what I saw. So many of y’all are still coming on and checking and looking at posts, new and old, everyday. Thank you all so much for your immense amount of patience and support while I took a break. As to why my absence took place, it is a plethora of things. Basically since late September I have just been a bit “off.” I think it is a combination of school, stress and just the occasional crap that happens when you are human, but they all added up to me just feeling blah. As you probably know by now, I am a very open, honest person, and I honestly just did not think I could keep writing fun, inspiring posts when I was just so stressed with life. Hence, my break. I really tried to take this week to clear my head and just focus on how to be less stressed and worried about life. I think (please God let it work) that I have come up with a routine that really helps we relax and unwind. I am not saying that the time between now and Christmas will be perfectly scheduled (because hello midterms) but hopefully they will be more consistent. Again, thank you all so much and I can’t wait to get back to doing what I love!


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