Why I Don’t Make Myself Post 2

I want to start this out by saying that I really appreciate all of y’alls patience within the last, well, few months. I know my posting schedule has been sporadic at best, and I am really trying to change that. Junior year has been so much more than I ever could have expected. I just feel like I am so busy all the time. I thought I would have some weekends off but no… not at all. However, this past weekend I really tried to get my life together, but please pray for me because I have an APUSH test today. Yeah, that noise was my grade hitting rock bottom. I’m kidding… I hope…


Anyway, that is totally not the point of this post. Really, more than anything, this post is me explaining myself to y’all. Because I honestly feel like I owe you an explanation for my, what feels like, ongoing absence. So, like I have previously mentioned, these past weekends have been crazy, and weekdays are only worse. And yes, I could stay up an extra hour or two to write a random post I pulled out of my derrière, but that is so not the point of this. Blogging is a way for me to escape. It is a way for me to connect with people I never thought I would meet, a way for me to share my feelings, and a way to relax. Blogging was never meant to make me stressed. And yes, I know I am adding things to my plate. No one made my join retreat team, no one made me go to that football game, but as I have said so many times, friends and God always come first. When I have a crazy weekend, I truly hate to say this but blogging is the first to go. I feel horrible saying that, but it is true. Like I said, I didn’t start a blog to stress me out more, and in a way, I want to keep it my pure little place. I never want to make it a thing that brings me stress. I always want it to be a stress free zone that I can go to.

So basically yeah, that’s me right now. I really hope you understand where I am coming from. I am really trying to get back to posting regularly, so fingers crossed!


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