Sunday Reflections ~ Deep Waters


As I mentioned in last week’s Sunday Reflections my school’s retreat team hosted the Freshman Retreat this past Wednesday. We do a retreat for every grade but the freshman retreat always comes first. The retreat was amazing and I really hope the freshman got as much out of the retreat as the team members did. Due to our speakers and the subjects they ended up talking about the retreat ended up coinciding with my past reflections which was essentially: Don’t judge anyone because you have no idea what they are going through. I really think, hope, and pray that the freshman will take that message with them. I did started thinking after the retreat, if there could be one other thing I would want to instill in them, what would it be? It is this: through everything God is always with you. Life will get crazy and messy and completely unexpected and sometimes horrible things will be thrown at you, but through everything He is always there. He is your back brace and your safety net. Rely on Him, and trust in Him. Remember that always.


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