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If you are in any way “in the know” about fashion then you have probably heard about the drop in J.Crew sales. A few months ago there were at lot of questions about the price point of the J.Crew clothes and whom they were truly selling to. There was also a lot of talk about whether or not they should fire the Creative Director, Jenna Lyons. Jenna Lyons has held the Creative Director position at J.Crew since 2008. Since her start in 2008 the brand has taken a slightly more high fashion and even avant-garde aesthetic. With the new look came higher prices. Before Mrs. Lyons became Creative Director J.Crew was simple, preppy and approachable, and while I love the J.Crew look now I will admit that it is much more… daring. As I said, I actually love the J.Crew look as it is now, but prices are obscene and while I love the clothes I couldn’t wear them. I feel as if J.Crew has been designing for a very small group of women who are young, wealthy, and live in New York City.



All that to be said it was no surprise when J.Crew reported a 13% drop in sales this past Thursday. Luckily it seems as though the CEO of J.Crew has been listening to the customers. Following the release of the earnings report Mickey Drexler (the CEO) announced that the brand would be going back to the basics. J.Crew will be giving a big push on their heritage products. That means the classics like denim pieces, cashmere sweaters and striped shirts should be back and better than ever (hopefully). As a result of this announcement J.Crew will obviously be moving away from their high fashion look. Not only will this cause the prices to hopefully drop, but also the J.Crew audience should expand. Going back to their roots means that J.Crew will be able to appeal to so many more people. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

Mickey Drexler also said that the J.Crew Mercantile line, a cheaper range that had been exclusively in J.Crew Factory stores, should be growing. They are hoping to move Mercantile stores into areas where a J.Crew by itself would not succeed.

All of this sounds like amazing news and I am really thrilled J.Crew truly listened to their customers. Let’s all hope that their plan works and J.Crew starts doing better soon.


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