Thoughts on Junior Year 2

So, as of today I am two weeks into my Junior year of high school. Wow. I’m an upperclassman. My feelings on Junior year right now…


But seriously, how do people do this? I’m only two weeks in and we already have so much work! Everyone always says Junior year is the hardest and while I totally accept that fact, I really hope I look back on this year and am pleased with what I have accomplished.

My classes seem pretty good (and hopefully manageable) so far, and I like most of my teachers. Though I am seriously thinking I am not political enough for my English class. We did nothing in class Thursday except have a debate about politics and I just sat there quietly in the back like…


I am really trying to not stress out as much this year (organization post coming soon). But let’s get real…


I already have plans for taking the SAT and the ACT and I am touring more colleges in November. Dance is good and I am staying involved with clubs so hopefully everything will work out!

If you have any tips please share because…




Wishing you all luck on the start of your school year!


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