A New View :: Canada Part Two 2

I know it has been a few weeks since I did part one but after school started there has been nothing I have wanted more than to be back in summer. So today we are flashing back (again) to some time spent in Canada.

Oh Canada 789 The day we did this little hike we actually started like 4 hikes and only finished one of them. I believe that this was our second full day in Jasper and we were having trouble finding something to do . The place this hike ended wasn’t the most impressive because its only real draw is to see moose, which we saw none of. However, getting there was really nice. The trees in Canada are gorgeous, and unbelievably tall.

Oh Canada 791

This was taken at one of those hikes we didn’t finish. We were running out of time before we had to head back for horseback ridding.

Oh Canada 818

Oh Canada 814


I am going to be completely honest and say I am not quite sure where this was taken. If I am correct it is the lake we passed while we were horseback ridding. Once the ride was over we headed back to the lack to have a quick snack. Wherever this was it sure was gorgeous!



Just one of the many gorgeous flowers we spotted while in Canada.

Oh Canada 884


One day while we were driving around town we had another animal encounter. I think these are mountain goats, and the babies were adorable!

Oh Canada 902


This is mom and I on the Columbia Icefields. What we are standing on is one of the extensions of the massive glacier. I don’t know which was more impressive, the ice field, or the ride up to the ice field. Being from Texas and only having seen snow twice in my life this was pretty darn impressive!

Oh Canada 948

Oh Canada 950

After the glacier we headed right on over to the Skywalk. Basically, if you can’t tell, the whole walk is made of glass, even the floor. The views were incredible and being able to see straight down was pretty amazing. My mom thought she would be scared but you feel so secure it really isn’t a problem.

Oh Canada 1016


Thank you so much for reading all the Canada posts! I am so sad to official be done with them. There will be one more vlog going up soon though!


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