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Hey y’all! I am sorry I went so MIA last week. My computer got a big virus and I didn’t have it at all last week. It was soul crushing… Anyway, I am back and beyond thrilled to be reunited with my computer. Watching Netflix on my phone was getting very very old. This Friday I am kicking it old school, and by old school I mean a couple of months ago, and doing a Friday Favorites. Like I said a couple of weeks ago I am so excited just to get back into a routine and beginning to post regularly!


The HTML Cheat Sheet//


All bloggers should know some basic HTML, but it can be so confusing! This is the perfect little cheat sheet to help you know the basics for blogging. This is probably the most helpful HTML for bloggers guide I have seen!

The cutest summer outfit//



Now, we all know by now that I am obsessed with stripes, but mostly they are navy. This time I am breaking out of my box and falling in love with a lighter shade of blue… WOAH! I know, I know it is crazy, but what can I say… I’m in love! Seriously though, the light blue with the adorable lemon clutch is perfect for the summer.

The bar necklace//


I love these necklaces so much! They are very reasonably priced and you can customize them to say whatever you want. I really love the idea of having coordinates on the necklace.

The dress//



Oscar de la Renta 1970s

The illustration//




Blogging Favorites:



Blue, White & Striped ~ Pursuit of Prep

moving day musts

Move-in Day Musts ~ Prep Avenue 

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