Sunday Reflections ~ Believe


“Believe in yourself.” It is such a simple line, right? But how many of us actually do it? How many of us truly, deep down believe we can do whatever we want to do? It can be really hard, especially when so many people are telling you not to. Many of us are staring a new school year and that by itself can be daunting. However, now we are all doing so many extra circulars, jobs and sports, so it can be hard to keep up. At my school I am a Student Recruiter and one of my favorite things we do is put on Freshman Orientation. It is great to get to meet all of them and answer their questions, but one thing that 99% of them are, is scared. They all ask “how hard are the classes”, “how do I manage my time” and “will I be able to do everything I want?” I can answer most of their questions, but the last one I have a hard time with. I tell them that they have to know themselves and their limits. They should push themselves, but also know when to stop. We all have to believe in ourselves, but also know when we are going to far. Have faith you can do anything, but know you can’t do everything, and that is more than okay.



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