Sunday Reflections ~ Or We Make Ourselves Strong



“We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.” The past few weeks have been hard to say the least. On July 28th my amazing friend, Courtney called Anna and I and told us she that she had been diagnosed with cancer. Cancer. Luckily, her cancer is very treatable, but seriously, cancer!? The response was tears all around. But today we aren’t talking about cancer because, quite frankly, that is really depressing and I honestly, I can’t anymore. Today we are talking about something Courtney’s mom, Barbara said to Anna and I when we were… panicking. She said, “Now I am going to be the voice of positivity here, because I have to be”, and that seriously amazed me. Within hours of the diagnosis she was strong and, at least on the surface, positive. I have never seen a family more willing to fight in my short life. Later that night Courtney in our group message was making jokes about it, and I have grown to expect nothing less from her. Through everything Courtney and her family has been through, because this has been a long road, it continues to amaze me how they have all just collectively decided to not let it get to them. Courtney, if I haven’t said it enough, you amaze me and ily! #teamCLB


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