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So, a quick intro: I am starting my Junior year of high school this year and I have a lot of mixed feelings. For some this may seem early to start touring schools but for me and my school its basically on target. The Carrie Looks at College series will be on a feel the need to update basis, so there isn’t really a schedule. I will be doing a post soon on narrowing done colleges/looking at colleges in early high school. That is all I think I needed to update you on so let’s get to the post!


I am planner. It took me awhile to realize this but for the big things, I want a plan. I have known what I wanted to do now for about two years and started looking at colleges basically in 8th grade. Yes, I know its crazy. No, in no way did my parents push me to do this. It was all me, but that is another story. Anyway, for about a year now I have been obsessed with Elon University in North Carolina. I have never been but everything that I read is amazing the campus looks gorgeous and I really like the classes they offer and the size of the school. For a year now Elon has been my number one school. In my head, senior year if I got into Elon, that is where I was going. No questions. And I really liked having that plan. Around February I started making a list of other schools that I was interested in, but no one competed with Elon.


My cousin was the one who told me I should go look at Trinity. I know some people that are going there and they really liked it so I checked them out online. I had an “ok” feeling about the school from the website. On a scale of one to ten it was a five. It was right in the middle of my list of schools, but Trinity is a good size, has my major, and is only a days drive away, so we booked a tour.


I wasn’t thrilled but I also wasn’t dreading it. We walked in and the admissions office was very nice and high-tech. I, honestly, was surprised. I really liked our tour guide and loved the layout and look of the campus but my “just ok” feeling remained. That is until we got to the same spot where my tour guide said she fell in love…


…the library. The library as you can see has a huge mural called Man’s Evolving Images: Printing and Writing, and is the largest montage mural in the world. I don’t know why but I just fell in love. Everything seemed so comfortable and I really could see myself there.


The rest of the campus was just gorgeous and I even made my parents drive by again the next day before we left.



I think one of the reasons I got so much out of the tour is because I wasn’t expecting anything. Even though I love Elon because I didn’t have any feelings about Trinity I wasn’t closed off to the idea of going to the school. Long story short: don’t close yourself off to any school, and don’t be afraid to change your plan. You have to keep your mind open because if you don’t you could lose the place that you would have loved.


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