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Hey guys! So I know some of y’all may be done hearing about my Canada trip but these photos I just had to share! There is so much you miss by just watching the vlogs. We took a lot of great pictures in Canada that really show how beautiful it is. (And yes, the water is actually that blue!)

Oh Canada 298

So this was taken on our first full day in Canada. We were about to head on a gondola ride up the mountain to have lunch. The water in the background is Lake Louise which you will see pictures of later.

Oh Canada 303


Yeah, we had lunch on top of all the mountains and it was pretty darn amazing! At one point a helicopter went by and we were above the helicopter!

Oh Canada 339

Later that day we stopped by Lake Louise and it was gorgeous. Of course, the water was perfect!

Oh Canada 358


The sunsets were amazing too!

Oh Canada 391

The next day we went to one of my favorite places, Johnston Canyon.

Oh Canada 419

There were several smaller waterfalls along the way but the two shown are the biggest. You got be stand really close to both of them and you walked away wet and in awe.

Oh Canada 465


On our last day in Banff we took another gondola ride over the mountains. This time was particularly cool because we could see the whole town from the top.

Oh Canada 600


On our way to Jasper we stopped and hiked Parkers Ridge. Once you got to the top (which was the result of a very long and hard climb) the view was amazing. The mountains were incredible and you could also see a glacier and a river running from it.

Oh Canada 589

My dad took this at the top of Parkers Ridge and it might give you the smallest idea of how massive these mountains are.

Oh Canada 750

The next day we went to my favorite place in Jasper, Maligne Canyon.

Oh Canada 741

It was, as you can tell, beyond gorgeous.

Oh Canada 722


Also, dad and I may have crawled through a huge hole in the fence to take a picture right by the water…

Oh Canada 776


Honestly, I am not sure where this is. We ended up here after our horse ride one day and it is amazing.

Oh Canada 780


Finally, I had to share one of our many animal encounters with y’all. There is a very long and strange story to go along with this but basically one day we were just driving back to our cabin and all of a sudden this huge elk just walks out right in front of our car. It was pretty incredible and made even better by the fact that we were the only people on the road.


I hope y’all enjoyed the Canada pictures!


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