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When Scarlett emailed me about this linkup I was so excited! I had never thought about doing something like this but it is such a great idea. I think one of the best parts about having blogging friends is that they can totally sympathize with what you are going through. All bloggers definitely have a short list of things we wish other people knew . Here is mine:



It is a lot of work// I think most people think that because we post about fashion and generally “light” topics that having a blog must be a breeze. Heck, even I halfway thought that before I started a blog. It is kind of like what my dance teacher says about ballet, “we work hard to make it look easy.” So much work can go into the easiest post. People also have to realize that many of us are students. We have to manage school, studying, friends, clubs, extra circulars and our blog. It becomes even harder when you are trying to keep to a blogging schedule. I could not even count the numerous posts that were written at two in the morning after studying. Blogging may look pretty but you have to work at it if you want your blog to be good. If you really want to start a good blog you will have to invest your time and money. That being said the thing about all us bloggers- we love the hard work.

“Internet” friends are real friends// I understand that this one can take a while to get adjusted to. I remember when I first started blogging and making blogging friends that my mom asked me if I really felt connected to these girls. My answer was obviously yes but I can see why it seems weird. Now my mom is constantly asking about my blogging friends and popping in to say hi when we are video chatting. You have to understand that just because we haven’t met in person doesn’t mean they aren’t a real friend. I talk to my blogging friends literally all the time, and they know just as much about me as my friends in real life do.

We take it seriously// I think it would be pretty hard to stick to blogging regularly if you didn’t take it seriously. You can absolutely take it seriously and still have a lot of fun while doing it though. While blogging is a lot of fun there is a strong business aspect to it. This is us, our brand and we have to watch that brand very carefully. We are checking stats, trying to improve things, and growing our brand. Working with other brands is a big responsibility and privilege as well. What I am really trying to say is that yes, this is exciting and we have a lot of fun blogging, but there are things we have to take seriously.

I will literally love you forever for being excited/mad/understanding// I have been blessed with great friends and a seriously amazing, supportive best friend. My best friend was there for me when I got exciting news about my internship with cinch polls and totally lets me vent when things aren’t going great. To all my friends and family who have been excited with me or has listened to me complain: thank you. You seriously have no idea how much I appreciate it. I totally understand that it can be hard to relate to, but thank you so so much for understanding.


What do you wish your friends knew?



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