Friday Favorites 3

It feels like it has been forever since I have done one of these posts. It was so nice just to go through my Pinterest and pick out my most recent favorites. I hope you enjoy my favorites and be sure to check out yesterday’s big announcement!


Rooftop Remodel//



If you never wanted a rooftop this will make you desperately need one. I am beyond in love with the final look. In the article (linked above) it shows the before and the after. Before, it was ugly concrete all around and literally nothing else.The whole roof now looks so nice and inviting, and the aesthetic is to die for.

Striped Dress//



Now, I think y’all know by now that I basically fall in love with every striped dress I meet, but this one is just so perfect. I think it’s the combination of the simple silhouette and the big, fun ruffle. It makes the dress the perfect combination of everyday wear and fun party dress.

The Five Benefits to Hiring a Dancer//



A couple of weeks ago I found this article about the benefits of hiring dancers in the business world. After reading said article I realized it was 100% true. My dance teacher talks about instilling these values all the time.



If you are looking for the perfect beach or pool coverup look no further. The bright colors, tassels, and pompoms scream summer fun!

This Quote//




Blogging Favorites//



J.Crew: Trouble in Paradise? ~ The Fashion Newcomer




Paris ~ Practically Imperfect



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