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Keeping with what seems to be a common theme for this month I am reflecting on this past year. A few days ago I was going through the old Carrie On Blogs archives and looking back at all my old posts. After spending some time reading most of them I have come to this conclusion- I had some really weird, bad posts in the beginning. I mean I’m pretty sure all bloggers did but, wow… However, on the upside some posts I really love or I just have good memories attached to them. The funny thing is if you had asked me a week ago if I could name all my blog posts I would have said absolutely! I now realize that I largely overestimated my capability to remember these things. There were so many posts I had just completely forgotten about! I honestly think it is because several were written at three in the morning in-between binge watching Grey’s Anatomy episodes. (Please tell me someone relates!) Anyway, these posts will be in order from earliest to most resent.

Seersucker Wedding//


This was posted almost a year ago exactly, and was actually my first ever outfit post. I feel like I look like a fetus even though I probably don’t look that different. These were actually taken at my cousin’s wedding reception in Arkansas. It was such a great weekend! Also, that same weekend we found out my other cousin just proposed to his girlfriend and they just got married this past weekend. Woah! Life just came full circle!!


Disney World Days 1-3 & Days 4-6





These are my all time favorite posts. They may not be the best written or the most interesting but they are, without a doubt, my favorite. It was the last time my family got to spend time with Lizzie and her family before the officially moved. The trip was so amazing and I had so much fun even when I looked terrified on The Tower of Terror. Cue picture: IMAG0409


Preppy In Pink//



I think this is the first outfit post that feels like a real outfit post for some reason. Maybe it is just because it was taken at my house and not on a trip but it just feels different. I still love this outfit and wear it all the time. I always get asked about the skirt and I really wish they were still selling it at the Gap! Also, my Jack Rogers look ridiculously new in this picture. Now they have the darkest foot prints!


CarrieOnTalks ~ Hannah Everly//



Hannah was my first ever CarrieOnTalks and probably my favorite! Her skirts are amazing and I always get so many compliments when I wear them! Hannah herself is such an amazing, inspiring person and that truly shines through in her interview.


Sunday Reflections ~ The Lessons We Learn



I have written so many Sunday Reflections over the past year many of them get forgotten. There are only a few that specifically stick out in my memory. They are usually the ones that I really needed to hear at the time because even though they aren’t exactly written for me I do tend to work things out while writing them. This particular one is just something I still believe so strongly.


Feeling Fall Linkup//



This was such an exciting post not just because it was my first time hosting a linkup but because I got to host it with two amazing girls and friends. It was just so much fun planning the linkup, coming up with the questions together, and taking the pictures.


Country Nights//



I’m not just in love with this post, but this night as a whole was amazing. That night was the first time I got to see the Zac Brown Band in concert and it was such an amazing show!


Power Outfit//



Totally still in love with this outfit, especially the shoes!! This was a fun one to shoot just because the outfit was so fun to put together.


Em John Jewelry//


This was such a big deal for me because I love the brand and this was my first sponsorship. I had so much fun and Emma was beyond great to work with.



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One thought on “#ThrowbackThursday Favorite Posts {June-Nov.}

  • Jamie

    Loved this! It is so fun to look back at posts. I have to agree, some of my posts in the beginning were so weird, and when I look back at them, they make no sense to me. Regardless, it got me into blogging and so I can’t complain!! It was so fun to do the Feeling Fall Link-Up with you and Laura 🙂
    xoxo, Jamie