The Announcement: An Intro to Vlogging 2


Surprise!!! As you can see Carrie On Blogs is branching out to YouTube. Don’t worry, nothing is changing on the blog. Occasionally I will post a vlog but it won’t be anything too regular. Most everything is explained in the video but I will still go over everything here.

So for awhile now I have been wanting to try something new and Youtube just seemed like the natural progression. I could have started earlier in the summer but it wouldn’t have been that interesting. I decided to wait until I was going on vacation so I could start with a bang. Pretty soon my parents and I are going to Canada for a little over a week and I will be vlogging the whole time! Be sure to watch the video to get all the details and hear me say excited way too many times. Also, be sure to subscribe for updates when the videos come out!

Hope y’all are looking forward to coming to Canada with me!


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