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Yesterday one of my amazing blogger friends Jamie tagged me to do a Behind The Instagram: Never Published post. I immediately started going through my photos and I discovered one thing: I don’t have any pictures that I didn’t post. It is not because I didn’t take them because trust me I did, but I think I just got so frustrated that they weren’t good that I deleted them all. So today I decided to stick with the Instagram theme but change it a little. Last year when everyone else was doing the “What Really Happened on Instagram” posts I was just creating my Instagram. I loved reading all those posts but I never got to do one of my own…until today!


What it looks like: Oh my gosh how cute are these shoes?! And that background? ADORABLE!!

What really happened: So I was tired of taking the basic “here is a pic of shoes and the ground” picture… plus the ground was concrete and ugly. So picture this: I decided I needed a better background, so in the middle of downtown outside our huge postoffice I laid down on the ground grabbed the camera put my feet up against this column and started snapping away. #doitforthegram


What is looks like: Just casually taking a picture of the book I’m reading for fun. Oh yeah, the wall and the nail polish are cute too.

What actually happened: Don’t hate me but I don’t “read books for fun” during the school year, and considering this picture was taken in February there was no way I was actually reading it at the time. (However, I have read it now and it is amazing!) Also I was totally the blogger who painted one finger nail so I could take this Instagram



What it looks like: Just having a perfect day down at the beach! Beautiful sunshine and the water is amazing.

What actually happened:





So the pretty picture was taken about a week prior to when I actually posted it. The day I posted it the above picture was taken. It was horrible weather and we actually ended up staying at the beach for less than 24 hours.



What it looks like: Look at these adorable letters I stumbled upon! How cute?! #bookworm

What actually happened: So this is far less embarrassing but something I think all bloggers do. I went into this store for the sole purpose of finding something to Instagram. Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this!



What it looks like: Look at this late evening sunset! It’s so gorgeous! #blessed

What actually happened: Desperate for something to Instagram I took to extreme measures. My friend and I were driving on the beach at sunset and I decided to lean out of the golf cart and haphazardly take pictures of the sunset. Yes I almost fell out…


What it looks like: Just another fun day at the beach! How great is this weather?!

What actually happened: Ok so the sun looks great right? Wrong. (thank you VSCO Cam filters!) So the real story is Katherine and I were riding on the beach in the golf cart and then fog started to roll in. All of a sudden the fog got so dense we couldn’t see so we had to pull over and wait for it to clear out. We decided to snap some pictures to pass the time.



What it looks like: Announcing my new Fifty Dresses Series! The black and white make it look super fancy and important!

What really happened: So the black background is actually a dress and I knew I wanted a solid white background behind it. The only place I could get that background? My bathtub. Yes, I climbed into my tube and set everything up then awkwardly stood half in half out of the tube so I could get the pic without showing too much of the surrounding tub. The sad thing is it didn’t even seem that weird to me at the time.


What are your Instagram stories?


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