Sophomore Year Reflections

Wow… sophomore year… My immediate reaction: relief, fear, sadness. To briefly go over these feelings: sadness simply because there are certain seniors who graduated that I’m still not ok with them leaving; relief because this year was crazy and I finally have a break; fear because HELLO  I’m an upperclassman and now have to get my life together. Honestly though, overall this year has been pretty darn good. Friends, blogging, school, and dance have all been great!


 Katherine and I right before Confirmation.


Stephanie, Rose, and I during our Grease themed TWIRP week.


My dance “twin” Faith and I in one of our recital costumes.


Jen (the best senior ever) and I right after our last recital together this weekend. (I’m just happy we got a picture together while we weren’t crying!)

School// After the first day of school I posted my First Impressions of Sophomore Year Classes. After a full year here are my final thoughts:

English 2 Pre-AP// Best. Class. Ever. I loved having this class! The teacher was amazing and I can’t wait to have her again senior year. The class was a lot of hard work but well worth it. Actually, on the last day of class everyone cried because we were so sad to leave the class and our teacher.

MultiMedia// This class was very relaxed and fun. There was a lot of time to do your own thing once you got your work done which I really enjoyed.

French 2// So good! Our teacher is amazing and our little class of eight got really close.

Dance P.E./Newspaper// I spent half the year in P.E. and half the year in newspaper and really enjoyed both. I am taking a full year of newspaper next year and I can’t wait!!

World History Pre-AP// Killer. This class was hard… like really hard. I did get out with a good grade but it was a ton of work.

Chemistry Pre-AP// This class killed my soul, several times. I am so happy to be done. I just really hate Chemistry…

Algebra 2 Pre-AP// This class really wasn’t that bad. There were times it was challenging, but overall the class went pretty well.

Theology 2// Great class. I really loved the teacher!

Dance// Dance was great this year except for the fact I will really miss the seniors next year. Jen who was pictured above is like a sister to me and watching her senior solo was so bitter-sweet. I did want to share the song we danced to for lyrical this year. It is such an amazing song listen to it here! Also here are some pictures my dad took during dress rehearsal of one of my dances.



Blogging// Blogging has, of course, been so wonderful. I have met the most amazing people, and have learned so much. Tomorrow is my one year anniversary and I can’t believe how fast the time has flown by. I started out knowing no one in the blogging world and now I have so many great friends I will surely keep for a life time.


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