Friday Favorites { Life Style Edition } 1

This is it. I have made it. A half day and four finals stand in-between me and summer. I am beyond excited!!! Today’s Friday Favorites is a little bit different. It is just fun life style stuff, nothing fashion, beauty, or blog related so I hope you enjoy!



47 Moments Every “Gilmore Girls” Fan Will Never Get Over//



Something you may not know about me is that I am OBSESSED with Gilmore Girls. I have been watching it since I was in 4th grade and really haven’t stopped since then. I can quote every line from every episode. Anna sent me this BuzzFeed article about a week ago and let me tell you while reading it I went through a range of emotions. It was like re-living every important moment of the show. And yes, I almost cried…


How to Live Your Life Like Emma Watson//



Emma Watson is so amazing, powerful, and brave. Teen Vogue’s “How To Live Your Life Like Emma Watson” article is really fun and interesting to read. Definitely things we can all apply to our lives!


India Pictures//

We have all seen these pictures on various forms of social media and I think we have to admit they are pretty incredible. Murad, the photographer, and his girlfriend, the one in the picture, recently went to India and these are his best pictures yet! They are nothing short of breathtaking. See all the pictures here.


Mindy’s Book//

Who freaked out as much as Jamie and I did when we saw this tweet??? I love Mindy and her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns), so I was thrilled we she announced her newest book!!


Hope y’all enjoyed this slightly different Friday Favorites!


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