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Should I have put this up before Mother’s Day? Yes. Will this still be relevant/helpful? I sure hope so. Are finals taking over my life, blogging schedule, and now this post? Yes. Anyway, I was scrolling through Pinterest (wow shocking!) trying to find inspiration for a Mother’s Day gift when I found a fairly similar craft on my DIY board. I did end up changing the project quite a bit, but it remains very easy. Honestly, if I didn’t mess it up then nobody will. I have recently started doing more DIYs and I really want to put more on my blog. I think this summer will be the perfect time to get crafty so be on the lookout for more craft posts.

Materials needed:

-Wood plaque

-Wood letters

-Wood glue



The first step, and arguably the hardest, is deciding what you want to put on the plaque. A short saying is best. Always have several back up plans though. When we got to Michael’s we couldn’t find all the letters I needed so we had to play around with what I wanted it to say. I eventually settled on “Live more love more.”


Next I got some primer and painted over the white letters just to make them a bit cleaner and crisper. Once I had finished painted those I grabbed the pale green we had picked up and painted the plaque. I decided to not painted everything white so the letters would pop and little more and the pale green goes really well with my parent’s room.


Finally after everything was completely dry I started to figure out how I wanted to place my letters on my plaque. I also recommend have some sort of straight edge so you can make sure your letters are lined up properly. Then just grab your wood glue and put a few dots (a little goes a very long way) on each letter and attach them to the board. I was super nervous about doing this originally, but you are able to move the letters around a little after you set them on the wood. Don’t worry about getting it perfect the first time.



What is your favorite DIY?


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