Sunday Reflections ~ Interrupt Anxiety 2



“Interrupt anxiety with gratitude.” As I am sure you all know the closer it gets to summer the more stressed we all get. Finals are in a week, end of the semester grades are coming, and my school iPad had to be completely wiped the week before finals. (Yeah my luck has seriously run out!) Everything seems to be happening at once and the stress seems to be closing in on us. There are a lot of study tips out there on the internet, and they are all extremely helpful. However, I am one of those people where even though I feel prepared I will still stress out beyond belief. At this time of year I really do have to think of all of the positives, instead of how everything could go wrong. I am thankful that I have less then seven days of school left, thankful that I do not have to take my chemistry final, and thankful I have awesome friends that make studying fun…ish.

Power through everyone and good luck with finals!!


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