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There are tons of blog posts (that you can easily find on Pinterest) that help you “get your blog started”. One thing people either don’t give a second thought about or agonize over too much and still get it wrong is their blog name. I can give you at least a handful of bloggers that immediately pop into my head when I think about this topic, because they have openly stated that they regret their blog name. My biggest tip when thinking about the name is to think long, and more importantly, long term.


Don’t think in the here and now// Carly from The College Prepster is probably the best example of this. While her blog started in college it has obviously outlived her college years. I wouldn’t even get a blog name with your state in it because you may move. First and last name blogs run into the same problem because chances are some day you will get married and your name will change. Like I said before, think long term. No states, schools, or full names.

Don’t go with your style// I know so, so, so many bloggers who have preppy, prep, prepster, etc. in their title and now really regret it. Not because they hate the preppy image, but because it doesn’t represent them any more. You want your blog name to be a reflection of you and while you might be preppy in high school come college that all could change.

Don’t limit yourself// Fashion, beauty, and organization are all categories that blogs fit into. But what happens when a year or two goes by and you want to completely change what you’re blogging about? Well, if you put one of those categories in your blog title then it can get pretty confusing for readers. Blog titles should reflect you and what you are talking about. Leave yourself some wiggle room by not confining yourself from the beginning with a “limiting title”.

Don’t make it too long// Courtney at Behind Her Monogrammed Macbook told me that she is so tired of her long blog name. Believe it or not you will be writing your blog name a lot so make sure it’s not too long. Names are also easier for readers to remember when they are short and catchy.

Think about abbreviations// This was something I totally did not do before naming my blog. My abbreviation is COB. COB! Not too cute, right?! This is something to think about especially if you have a long blog name. Courtney has shortened hers to BHMM, which is so helpful.

These may seem small but I promise that keeping them in mind while titling your blog name will come in handy in the long run!

How did you title your blog?


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2 thoughts on “Things To Know: Before You Title Your Blog

  • Eliza

    This is so true! It can also be equally said about your url. When I started Eliza’s Ramblings, the url was already taken (although the blog had been deleted) and I had the “fantastic” idea to name my url Sure it’s probably legit but I hated leaving my url down on other blogs. Thank heavens for Google Domains 😉

    – Eliza