Sunday Reflections ~ Be Nice



“Be nice. (The world is a small town.)” One thing my parents taught me was to always leave situations on a good note, and to be nice to everyone. They always said to leave every job in a polite manner, never make a scene before you leave, and always thank people for the work they have done. You never know where people will end up. That annoying person who sat next you may be in charge of Google someday and if you were nice to him you might get a job there. I recently read a story where a young man was on a crowded subway and an older man next to him accidentally bumped into him. The younger gentleman said some not so nice words to the older man. Well that young man was on his way to an interview and when he walked into the office guess who was interviewing him! That’s right the older man on the subway. Yeah, he didn’t get the job. You never know who is going to end up in positions of power so always be polite to everyone. And remember, always be nice to the person who bumps into you on the subway!


Have you ever had a “small town” moment?


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