Where Have I Been?

Slide2  At the end of March I took a ten-day blogging break. Now this may not seem like a lot but for me it was kind of a big deal. I took a break for three very different reasons that all happened to come together at the same time. Some are super exciting, and some suck. Regardless these are my reasons for taking a short break. We will start with the fun one!

Cinch Polls// While I was on spring break I got a really exciting email from Hannah. She said that she had been working with this amazing new app, Cinch Polls, and they were looking for a High School Fashion Editor and she thought of me. I was so thrilled I emailed her right back and said I was very, very interested! So fast forward to March 24th and I was having a phone interview with the CEO and the Director of Digital and Social Content over at Cinch Polls. I thought the interview went great and they must have too because I am now the High School Fashion Editor over at Cinch Polls. Cinch Polls is an amazing new app where you can post pictures and have people vote on what they like best! It is extremely helpful for bloggers because you can see what outfits people want to see from you. It is also super helpful if you are trying to find out what to wear or where to go for dinner. Many Etsy shop owners use the app to find out people’s favorite products.

Spring Break// Over Spring Break I had scheduled posts to go up while I was gone on Monday and Wednesday. I was planning to get home and write posts for Sunday and the next week but because of an unfortunate event on Friday that just was not going to happen. Long story short I got super burned. Like really, really bad. I would share pictures but it hurts to look at them. In one I am actually the color of my dark pink shirt. *cringe* This god-awful burn resulted in sun poisoning, which by the way kids, sucks. So when I got home Saturday the only thing I felt like doing was coating myself in aloe vera gel and trying to get some sleep. Hence why no post went up on Sunday.

Site Stats// Ok so now for the main answer to where have I been. I truly hate to admit this but that site stats page (where you can see how many people look at your blog and all the little details of it) became my life. I would get so upset if I didn’t have as many readers one day as I thought I would, which is crazy!! I hope all bloggers would say that started and continued blogging because they love it, which is true for me too, but somewhere along the way the stats started taking over. I realized that this was not good and not the attitude I wanted to have so I made myself take a break. It is amazing what those ten days did because I have never felt more motivated and excited!


So, all that to say thanks for sticking with me and I am back to posting regularly!!



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