Sunday Reflections ~ Doing and Dreaming



“Be a doer. Be a dreamer. Be a thinker.” Friday in English class we were discussing a character in a book we just finished reading. This particular character was very much a dreamer. My teacher asked us if we considered ourselves doers or dreamers. My immediate thought was, why can’t I be both? Most people would probably put themselves into one of the previously stated categories, but I refuse to do that. I think that being a dreamer and being a doer go hand in hand. My dreams encourage and push me to be a doer. Without any dreams and hope for the future I would have no motivation to be a hard worker. I personally think that being just a doer or just a dreamer is boring, at least on the surface. If you are just a dreamer put action behind those dreams because amazing things can happen. If you are just a doer I hope you are passionate about what you are doing and if not start to dream a little. Don’t be just one thing. Start doing and dreaming.


Would you consider yourself a doer and a dreamer?


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