Beauty Products for Spring Break 3

I am such an over-packer. The one thing I have become a master at simplifying is my beauty products for the beach. I have never been one to wear a lot of makeup on the beach but over the past few years I have taught myself exactly what I need to bring. Of course I brought more shower and skincare products then I show here but this is strictly hair and makeup.


These are the only two hair products I need at the beach. I absolutely refuse to go to the beach without detangler. With the crazy wind and the ocean my hair always gets tangled. This detangler is amazing and works every time. I also always bring my argan oil with me too.


Concealer, powder, and blush are the face products I bring with me to the beach. Concealer is used sparingly around the face and under the eyes. I just use some powder in my T zone because I tend to get a bit shiny, and blush just to add some color to my face.


I always bring some eye shadow with me just in case we go out to dinner and I feel like putting on a bit more makeup. I am also bringing two mascaras with me. I always bring one really good waterproof mascara and whatever my favorite regular mascara is at the time.


Both of these products are really nice lip balms. The pink Clinique one adds a little bit of color to my lips while also keeping them moisturized.


That’s it! Believe it or not that is all I take to the beach!

What are your go-to beauty products?


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