How To: Clean Out Your Makeup Drawers



The second picture looks a lot better right? Last week when I talked about getting ready faster I talked a lot about organization. My everyday makeup is very organizedk, but my “extra” makeup is kind of a mess… as you can see… I honestly do not think I have cleaned out my makeup drawers in years. Of course if something is empty it is trashed, but there is still a lot of not used makeup in those drawers. The thing is it took me maybe five minutes to go through each drawer. Why have I not done this before???

Eye makeup// One can only use so much eye shadow. Colors begin to look the same, quality decreases, and sometimes they’re just not your favorite. It really did not take long to go through the eye shadows and eye liners. Just ask yourself, when was the last time I actually used this? Did I like it? If it has been over six months, or you really did not like the color or formula throw it away! Mascara is a little harder. Just because you love it and use it every day doesn’t mean you should keep it. Mascara really should not be kept for over three or four months. You will notice that after this amount of time the mascara will begin to dry up and the smell may even change. Both are good indicators that the mascara is needing to be thrown away. As you can see it’s a little crazy how many mascaras I was able to get rid of.



Face Makeup// The amount of samples I have in my drawer is ridiculous! Be honest with yourself and if you know you are never going to use them just go ahead and get rid of them. I also had a lot of concealers that had just a little bit left and I was thinking I would use them. Again, be honest with yourself. I knew I would never use them so they were tossed. I have never been one to have a lot of foundations and concealers at the same time for two reasons. First, because you really only need one of each, and second because they really are not that fun to buy.




Lip Products// My lip drawers desperately needed to be cleaned out. There was a lot of cheap lip glosses from 6th grade that really needed to go! Make sure you always have those staple lip colors and those few fun colors you love. The thing is I don’t use a lot of lip colors so having so many was unnecessary.


When was the last time you cleaned out your makeup drawers?



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