How To Get Ready Faster In The Morning



I think we all have a hard enough time getting ready in the morning, and an even harder time waking up! The whole process of getting ready before school is a tedious and tiring event. But come to think of it, the process may only be tiring because I’m so tired. Over the past few months I have come up with a pretty good routine for making my getting ready process faster and easier.


Be realistic// I can’t wake up quickly. The whole “set one alarm and immediately wake up thing” has never worked for me. Be honest with yourself, so if this doesn’t work for you too be honest. I set five alarms for myself in the morning. It is honestly the only way I can wake up. If you have to set a dozen alarms just be sure to wake up at a reasonable time.

Be organized// All of the makeup and skincare I use in the morning has a place in a drawer or on my counter. This may sound a little OCD but it honestly helps so much. I know right where everything is so I don’t have to dig around for anything. It makes the whole getting ready process a lot faster.

Be prepared// Having everything ready to go is the best way to make your morning go faster. Clothes picked out, backpack packed, and breakfast ready. It is such a simple yet vital thing to do to have your morning go better.

Hope these help you get ready faster in the morning! 


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