Sunday Reflections ~ Your Journey {High School} 3


“Do not look to your right or left. This is your journey. There are one hundred and eight of y’all, and each of you will do this differently.” These are some sage words of advice from my school counselor for my junior and senior year. And let’s clear the air: yes, there really are just one hundred and eight kids in my class #privateschoolprobs. This past week I had my meeting to schedule my classes for junior year with my counselor. There are some classes I am really excited about, some I dread (I’m looking at you APUSH), and some I just have to get over. Throughout the year you have heard me complain about Chemistry Pre-AP, and while I have said I will hustle through it this nine weeks has been awful. (Honestly, it has been way worse I just cannot describe it without saying bad words!) Normally Chemistry Pre-AP would feed into AP Physics then AP Chem or AP Bio, but I refuse to put myself through that stress especially when I do not plan on doing anything related to science once I am out of college. So, as a result, I am taking regular physics next year and I do not know what senior year. Let me tell you something, I have never gotten so much backlash from a class choice before. Some of my friends think I am crazy for not taking AP Physics or AP Chem next year. So I just have to keep my counselors words in my head and remember that this is my journey not theirs. If you are in high school, college, or real life just remember that your life is your journey.


Have you ever had people question a decision you made?


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