Friday Favorites

Whew! Thank goodness this week is over! This week has been absolutely crazy, but at least it’s Friday and we can move on to the weekend. Let’s get to favorites!!



This dress//

dff64217589c426e1fad977b8681682a I love vintage everything, but especially clothing! This is a vintage tulle dress and I just think it is so perfect!


This video//

I have loved Meghan for so long and she just put out this visual poem. Everyone needs to watch it because it is truly inspiring!


This picture//

355e283d4a58d857ecbe939ca1a7f2ac If you follow my My Future board on Pinterest then you know I am obsessed with New York!


This outfit//


I just love the belt and how nautical the whole outfit is.


This quote//



Blogger favorites:

d7657bf5c3e321c933b9fc5fdc457124 Cloudy Day:: Bright Skirt ~ Hannah Everly


d383a40d49983df161c18ebc16a30b90 India ~ Practically Imperfect




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