My Happy Places


We all have those few places that no matter what make us happy. It can be as simple as your room, or it can be half way around the world. The best thing about these happy places is that they are different for everyone, or at least you tend to have them for different reasons. So, without further ado, my five happy places…

Disney World… This may sound silly, but there is truly no other place where I am happier. I just walk around the whole time with a huge smile on my face. I get that amazing feeling in my stomach when we are headed to Disney World and it’s just magic. No one seems to be able to quite put his or her finger on exactly what it is, but Disney just lets you believe in magic for a little bit. I love just going with my family, but this past summer we went with our really close family friends as well. Being there with them and being able to see Disney through Lizzie’s eyes was such a gift. I cannot wait until I get to go back.

The beach… Our beach is not pretty. There is seaweed and the water is far from clear and the people are not always the best. But you know what our beach does have for me? Memories. Spending time with family, our old beach house before it got completely destroyed (thank you hurricane Ike!), and friends are all memories I will have forever. I have a few random little things I remember from my very early years and most of them take place at the beach, and new things like spending all day with Katherine riding up and down the beach in the golf cart and all night laughing till we cry. These are memories I could not have made anywhere else, and for that the beach is a happy place.

Anywhere with friends… The thing I love most about my friends is that no matter where we are, they never fail to make me laugh. Even in the middle of class, which probably is not the best thing… But honestly wherever I am with them I am happy.

Google Hangout… Okay so this one may sound weird especially for people who do not blog, but honestly Google hangouts are the best. I would say I have spent way too many hours on hangouts, but I would not trade them for anything. I mean just this past weekend I was up till 2 A.M. on hangouts!!

Little creeks with big rocks in them… Now this may sound very specific, but my family and I took a trip when I was much younger to Tennessee. Where ever we were staying had all of these amazing creeks with rocks that you could step on and all the kids were out in the water. It was so much fun and I do not know why but that is such a fun memory.


What are your happy places?





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