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“Take time to do what makes your soul happy.” At my school it seems like everyone either wants to become a doctor or a lawyer. Neither one of those is very high up on my “I really want to be a…” list. So, when someone like me comes around, whose dream job is basically to run social media accounts, it is kind of odd. Now I am not saying people are rude, they have actually been really supportive of my blog. I just get the impression they think I could amount to more. One of my friends wants to work in the media/marketing world and is a very good student as well. One day this past week a group of my friends was talking about how she could be a doctor if she really wanted to, and that she would make so much more money. This got me thinking. Just because we can do it does it mean we should? I think it truly depends on where your priorities lie. Now don’t get we wrong I love shopping, and traveling, and eating, and to do all these things you need money. However, I would much rather be happy then be rich. I have said so many times that all I truly want is to be excited to go to work everyday. So this week take some time to do what makes your soul happy. Find what you love and do it.


What makes your soul happy?


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2 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections ~ Makes Your Soul Happy

  • Seersucker Sass

    I was always the girl in school that wanted to be in entertainment or fashion, and so many kids made fun of me! It’s okay to want to be in a creative field! When I decided that I wanted to go to law school, people were shocked because that had NEVER been in my career plan!

    You’re right – it’s very important to do what makes you happy 🙂 I manage social media accounts as part of my job, and it’s pretty fun!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass