Delphos Pleated Dress {Fifty Dresses} 4


At the start of the twentieth century fashion began to keep up with, and often lead, the brisk pace of modern life. Much like today, modern materials worked hand in hand with classic, traditional styles. In 1909 Mariano Fortuny patented a method of pleating silk that allowed him to make beautiful gowns. The European elite took up this gorgeous new style. They were loved because they greatly differed from the rather constricting gowns of the nineteenth century. These were loose and lightweight gowns that daringly showed off a women’s curves. Though Fourtuny’s designs were innovative his gowns were all rooted in tradition. His Delphos dress was said to be a reinterpretation of the clothing in ancient Greece. The pleating, while structured, captures all of the romance of the era. Fortuny’s pleating technique has been a secret and has never been successfully copied.



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4 thoughts on “Delphos Pleated Dress {Fifty Dresses}

  • Cathleen Slagle

    I love how slouchy (so not a good word to describe this) and loose (there we go.. that’s a better word) these dresses are. I also really love how they’re still so fabulous at the same time. My favorite part about this dress is how Fortuny’s technique hasn’t been copied successfully. I think that makes these dresses even more fabulous and original. So excited to see more dresses! I’ve already decided that I need this book.

    • Carrieonblogs Post author

      Hahaha come on Cathleen where are those good vocabulary words! (Just kidding I love you!) That is my favorite part too! I was shocked when I read that, but it just makes the dress that much more special. Hope you enjoy the series!