Life Update : : January 2015 2

Can you believe the last time I did a life update was in July??? So much has changed since then and I can’t wait to at least catch you up on the major events!


School//Back in July I was freaking out about sophomore year and I wrote a post that was called my First Impressions of Sophomore Year Classes. Things have definitely changed since then but I will be covering that at the end of the school year. School continues to be very stressful but somehow (I honestly don’t know how) I have been able to manage everything.

The Undeniable Report//In August I was contacted by The Undeniable Report and I was asked if I wanted to write for them. At the time UR was switching platforms from being an online magazine to a website, but I had loved the magazine so I immediately said yes. Around December Anna, the editor-in-chief, offered me the position of Social Media Manager! I. Freaked. Out. I was so excited and honored that she had thought of me! That has been my position for a little over a month now! Since working for UR I have made seriously amazing friends. I talk to these girls every day and spend way to many hours on Google Hangouts with them. Anna may even be coming down to visit me this summer!!

Dance//I love this time of year for dance because it is when we start all of our recital dances. We actually already have one completely finished and I am in love with it, and all the other ones are great so far!

Family (basically)// This past weekend I got to see Lizzie and her whole family! It was so great to see them again and get to spend time with them.





Hair//Right before Christmas I got highlights in my hair. They are pretty subtle but I am in love!! You aren’t able to see them in some outfit posts because they were shot before I got my hair done, but you will be able to see them in next Monday’s post.


Blog//Remember: The Gossip Girl Linkup is next Monday so you still have time to take pictures and get your post ready!!


What has been going on in your life?


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