Sunday Reflections ~ Figuring It Out 8



“No one has it all figured out.” This is something I think we can all be reminded of. I am constantly thinking certain people have their life 100% together and know exactly what they’re doing. The thing is most of the time they don’t have it figured out. Many of us (myself included) have become really good at having things appear a certain way on the outside. It gives the appearance of everything being perfect when it could truly be in shambles. We spend so much of our time figuring it out, or at least trying to, and I’m thinking it may all be a waste of time. Not knowing may really be part of the fun. So maybe we should all just take a breath and stop trying to figure everything out and realize no one else has it all figured out either.



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8 thoughts on “Sunday Reflections ~ Figuring It Out

  • Chez

    I think it always pays to remember that we never see 100% of someone’s life. They may only choose to show us the confident and prepared side when they’re actually looking at your own life and pressuring themselves to figure things out like you ‘have’. Personally I think it would be very boring to have it all figured out, what would you think about?
    Hope you’re having a good Monday!

  • Kadasia

    Totally agree with Cathleen…feels like as if I’m getting advice from my best friend haha. I love the way you put this..”So maybe we should all just take a breath and stop trying to figure everything out and realize no one else has it all figured out either.” Like wow! It’s so true we are all a hot mess at one time or another haha

    I love your Sunday Reflections! This reminds me of a poem I choose to present for class it’s called ” Richard Cory” By Edwin Arlington Robinson it’s quite surprised but makes you think about life a bit more!


    • Carrieonblogs Post author

      Oh my goodness thank you so much! The funny thing is it feels like I’m giving advice to a best friend. I write from what I have learned and hope it helps y’all, and we all can be hot messes sometimes!! Thank you so much for commenting it truly made my day!


  • Cathleen Slagle

    This is so very true.. Not knowing is the best part of life, and I definitely need to stop focusing on figuring everything out and just live. Thanks for always writing these Sunday Reflections twin. They are probably some of my favorite posts that you do because they always “speak to me” if that makes sense. You always reflect on the exact things I need to read before going into the next week.