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As you can see I am not doing a Friday Favorites this week because I have a great #countdown2blogmas post!! This week is all about tips and tricks so I decided to share some of my tips for studying for midterms/finals. Hopefully, if you have already taken exams then you can store this post away until next year!



1. Sticky Notes, Highlighters, and Underlining:: All of these things save my life. Whenever I see something I think is important, or something I am having trouble remembering, I always mark it in some fashion. This makes me pay more attention to it the next time I am going through my notes or reading the book.


2. Quizlet:: If you don’t have the quizlet app stop what you are doing and go get it! It is a completely free app that allows you to make, and view, other people’s notecards. Which means if you find someone who is taking the same class you are and they have already made notecards then BAM you don’t have to worry about that! I’m not going to lie this was how I studied for finals last year.


3. Make Lists:: I know us bloggers always talk about making to-do lists, but this time I think it is 100% necessary. Between the Christmas holidays and exams we all have a lot to do. Making a list can make things seem more manageable and organized. This list also seems to keep me focused.


4. Change Subjects:: Do not spend too much time on one subject. Though it may seem counterproductive, it has actually been proven that if you change subjects every couple of hours, and take one ten-minute break every hour, you will retain the information better.


5. Be Confident:: Trust me, I know this is easier said then done, but you have to believe in yourself. If you walk into a classroom thinking you are going to fail, you have better chance of failing. Be positive!


What are some of your study tips?



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