I’m Thankful For… 4

Today I am going to share a few of the things I am thankful for in life. I hope you are all having a wonderful holiday and Happy Thanksgiving!


1. My Parents// For always being there for me and supporting me. For not 100% understanding the blogging world, but accepting that this is the world I love. For not being “hover parents”. For being kind of weird ex. this is a direct quote from my mom ” I want to be like the parents in Easy A”!

2. My Best Friend// For being crazy, funny, and wonderful. I love you so much and I hope that we never stop having fun together! I also hope we follow through on our life plan and end up in an old people home together with a bunch of cats.

3. All my friends// For being awesome and making me smile everyday.

4. My Undeniabaes// You all know who you are. I love y’all so much and talking everyday makes me so incredibly happy. I care about you so here is a string of pinecones:)

5. Jamie// For commenting on that random Life Update way back in July. It truly made my day and really encouraged me to keep blogging!

6. Anna Tselevich and Emily Raleigh// For starting amazing companies that give me, and so many other girls, confidence, and something to be proud of. The both of you have positively shaped my life and my person.

7. Dance// For giving me something to put all my physical energy into, and for giving me another great set of friends!

8. All my readers// For reading my blog and liking it enough to come back and continue reading! Thank you.


What are you thankful for?



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