Rainy Day Linkup 13

When Michaela from The Monogrammed Midwesterner and Connie from Prep Northwest invited me to join their Rainy Day Linkup I had to say yes! Both of these girls are two of my best blogging friends and I honestly talk to them everyday! If you haven’t already checked out their blog you have to! Here is my rainy day outfit!






















Outfit Details:

Shirt//Jeans//Necklace//Rain Boots// Boot Socks



Rainy Day Style Linkup


Now onto the questions!

1) What is your favorite way to keep warm on a rainy day?
~ I love just sitting by a nice fire and curling up in a soft blanket!

2) Are you a hood, umbrella, or both kind of girl?
~ I would love to say I am an adorable rain jacket girl, but I don’t have one! So, in the meantime, I’m an umbrella girl all the way!

3) What is your best hair tip for a rainy day?
~ This is such a hard questions because where I live if it’s raining it is really humid. I really like using hair oil especially on rainy days because it seems to stop the frizz, for a little bit at least. When all else fails throw that hair in a ponytail!

4) What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
~ OK so I am one of those weird people who love rain and become very productive when it rains. Because of this I really like to clean and get a lot of work done when it rains.


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