Friday Favorites 2

Happy Halloween ladies! I am sorry this post is coming a little late, but Lizzie and her family just left and we hadn’t seen them in about five months! So this is my shortened/ I’m too excited to focus/ OMG I JUST SAW MY BABY LIZZIE Friday Favorites!


My favorites:

Undeniable Report tumblr//


Anna, Ashlee, and I have been working on the Undeniable tumblr, and in my completely unbiased  opinion I think it looks pretty darn good! Go and check it out!

Painted gold earth//


How amazingly cool would this look in your room? I would love to have this if only I had the artistic ability…

Camo outfit//


If there was ever a way to wear camp this is it!

Berry Green Smoothie//


I have a serious addiction to blueberries, so making a very healthy blueberry smoothie sounds perfect!


My favorite blog posts:


Caitlin’s seriously perfect Homecoming Recap! AND OH MY GOSH HER DRESS IS PERFECT!!!!!



Jamie’s Weekend Recaps that are so fun to read! They are my new favorite posts!


What were some of your favorites this week?


Thanks for reading,



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