My Favorite Fall Lip Products 2

I do not know about all of you but fall lip products are my addiction! Fall is really the only time of the year I actually wear lipstick. I promised in last week’s Fall Beauty Trends post that I would share my favorite lip products this week so here I am! I hope y’all can find a new favorite in here!


{A Different Grape~ Clinique}

In real life this color looks like a slightly intimidating purple, but when worn is actually much more sheer. This lipstick adds a light purple tint to your lips without being dramatic.


{Airy Fairy ~Rimmel}

This is the perfect nude pink lip for fall! I like putting a gloss over this one because it is quite nude when applied.


{Juicy Apple~ Clinique}

I love using this bright red color when I want something to stand out a little more! It may look intimidating now, but I promise it sheers out on the lips!


{Syrup~ MAC}

This is the quintessential fall lip color. It is the perfect mix of pink, mauve, and nude! Plus, the finish is perfect!


{Vanilla Cream Pie~ NYX}

Butter Gloss was the absolute perfect name for this gloss because it is so smooth! This is the perfect pink and mauve combo!


{Raspberry Glaze~ Clinique}

I am not a huge red lip person, but when I do wear a red lip it must be a blue-red. Raspberry Glaze is the best blue-red I have found! It is the perfect fall color and makes your teeth look nice and white!


{Bonfire~ Clinique}

Every girl needs a nice tawny red lip-gloss for the fall time! This adds just the right amount of gold sparkle making it my go-to gloss!

What’s your favorite fall lip product?

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