Sunday Reflections~ Oscar De La Renta


Who said it- The unforgettable Oscar De La Renta

“Without panic, there is no excitement. If you feel totally sure about what you’re doing you shouldn’t be doing it.” In memory of Oscar De La Renta I felt this week’s Sunday Reflections should be a quote from him. I love this quote so much because it stems from the idea of never doing anything because it is “safe”. You should always be pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, because that is the only way you can grow. Plus, he is completely right, without panic there is no excitement. Think about the last time you went on stage for recital or a play, the last time you posted a blog post you were really proud of, or the last time you did something really adventurous. You were probably really excited but a little nervous about all of those things; which is good! So this week push yourself; challenge yourself to feel a little uncomfortable. If you are doing something just because you feel secure change what you are doing! Have fun with your life and dare to dream, and do, big things!

What is your favorite Oscar De La Renta quote?

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