My Take On Project Runway Finale S13 2

Well…… Sean won. I honestly wasn’t that surprised, but I am not going to lie I cried about it a little. I really wanted Amanda or Kini to win, but I am sure Sean will do great things. After all, he is a very impressive designer. I felt I could not really judge there finale looks because it was a true culmination of what they have done throughout the season and would just be repetitive. I decided I would show you my favorite looks from Sean, Amanda, and Kini as a way to finally end the season. Hope you all enjoyed my Project Runway series as a plan on doing it again next season!


My Amanda favorites:






My Kini favorites:






My Sean favorites:





As you can see, all of the designers have truly done amazing things throughout the season and will go on do to many more!


I am so sad to end these posts! I have really enjoyed writing them each week, and I think y’all have enjoyed reading them! So, as Heidi says, Auf Wiedersehen!


What did you think of the Project Runway finale?


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2 thoughts on “My Take On Project Runway Finale S13

  • Marissa

    I actually haven’t watched the finale, but I’ll definitely have to! My top two standout moments for me were: (1) Sean’s dress from the rain competition — that idea was CRAZY incredible and (2) the American Girl competition — it all was just so cute! Well, I take that back… Styling childrens’ clothes was probably the majority of those designers’ biggest weakness, haha.

    Marissa //

    • Carrieonblogs Post author

      You definitely have to watch the finale; everyone’s looks were amazing! Sean’s dress from the railway actually took my breath away! I completely agree, the American Girl competition was adorable but definitely a weakness! Hope you enjoy the finale!