My Take On Project Runway S13 E10

The Challenge:

Find your own “real person” model in Washington Square Park and design an outfit for them. Before and After style because the “models” were also getting full hair and makeup makeovers.

Guest Judges:

Michelle Monghan- Actress

Asha Leo- TV host and model


During the show:

Emily found a model a lot quicker than I thought she would, and Sean is taking longer than I thought it should take him.

I love everyone’s fabric choices from Mood- so fun!

Really worried about Kini because the girl he found to be his model has a completely different style than he does.

Korina is being incredibly rude and cocky and needs to be taken down a peg or two! I am completely ready for her to go!

Char looks like she is designing for a 20 year old not someone who is a teacher and has a daughter. She needs to keep her client in mind when she designs.

I really hope Amanda and Alexander can pull their designs off, especially after Tim told Alexander his look was hideous.

I actually really like Kini’s dress and think it is super fun!

I think the neck Emily has put on her dress is way too extravagant and definitely not everyday wear!

I do not hate Korina’s jacket; I just think she has made this jacket before.


(left to right)

During the runway:

Alexander– Cute and goes with the girls style! However, the top did not seem to fit very well, but he was hard pressed for time.

Amanda– There was something not quite “Amanda” about this look. The dress was too short and not well made; I also feel like it is a very basic dress that I could go out and buy anywhere.

Char– The model (thankfully) has the legs to work the shorts, but I am still not sure they are appropriate. The peplum looks stuck on and not cohesive with the rest of the look.

Emily– I have come to the conclusion that I just do not like her style in general. With this look I felt that the neck was too much, and the bottom was too informal to go with the top.

Kini– This is not my favorite look he has done, but still very good! The styling on the dress was fantastic, and the denim turned out very nice!

Amanda– While the look is nice I feel like she has done it before.

Sean– Very 20s and classy! Plus the slit and fringe added some fun to an otherwise very formal dress.











I am NOT ok with this!


Alexander 🙁

What was your take on Project Runway?

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