Sunday Reflections ~ Comfort Zones

sunday 1

“Great things never came from comfort zones.” I think we all can relate. I hope every single one of y’all has done something that pushed you, because that is truly the only way we can grow. If I had stayed in my comfort zone where I felt 100% safe I would not have a blog, I would not have joined Smart Girls Group, and I would not be taking advanced classes. The simple reason being when I first started each of these things they scared the crap out of me! I was nervous and intimidated, but I was pushed to grow and be the best I could be. This quote also makes me think of all of my years taking dance. If I never tried something new I would still be in Pre-K ballet, and I definitely would not be doing pointe! I really encourage all of you to try something new that will make you to grow and change.


What have you done as a result of breaking out of your comfort zone?


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