My Take On Project Runway S13 E 9 2

The Challenge:

Each designer is paired with an American Girl Doll and a young girl that will act as their model. They are to draw inspiration from the doll’s story and history and design a child’s outfit. The designers are also provided with fabric that matches the dolls clothes, but they can also go to Mood and pick their own.

Guest Judges:

Elizabeth Moss- Mad Men

Heather Northrop- Senior Design Manager at American Girl


During the show:

Emily definitely has the advantage in this challenge because she already has a kid’s line. However, I like the idea of the tulle skirt, but the colors seem a bit drab.

I really don’t know how I feel about Sandhya as a person anymore. Part of me really feels bad for her, but the other part of me says that she is being pretty rude to some people.

love the jacket Kini has made, but I am worried about how the rest of the look will come together.

Alexander’s look doesn’t seem to connect with his doll to me, but I really like the colors.

The pattern on Char’s dress is really cute and fun, but the fringe vest she wants to put over it looks like a costume to me.

The shape of Korina’s dress seems a little mature to me, not fun and light like a little girls dress should be!

Sandhya’s look seems very homemade to me. I really don’t like her design or the fabrics she is putting together.

It is truly amazing fast Kini works!


(from left to right)

Alexander- I like this look… I think… His outfit is really cute but for me there slightly off that I cannot put my finger on. Either the bottoms don’t fit quite right or the top is too sophisticated. I am really not sure how I feel about this.

Amanda- Her look came together effortlessly! The fabrics look cute and playful together, and I could see any little girl wearing that look.

Char- Like I said before, I really like the dress, and the colors represent her character very well. I think there is too much fringe on the jacket and it overwhelms the dress, but I can see why many people would really like this look.

Emily- Her outfit was very dark, and something I would not want to put my future daughter in! She also put a veil/net thing around her face, which was just odd and made it look like she was going to funeral to me. I could never see American Girl having an outfit like this.

Kini- I honestly want everything he made! The jacket and the dress are perfect!!! I would have no problem matching an American Girl Doll if I looked that cute!

Korina- Her looked turned out very nice! The panels she added made the dress have good movement and a fun and playful side to it.

Sandhya- This look is a mess! The peplum looks very odd, the buttons look like pokemon balls, and the whole thing just looks like a onesie! It even snaps up the back like a baby onesie would!

Sean- His look really had nothing special about it. The outfit was too plain and dull, not bright like the 70s inspired outfit could have been.


Korina, Kini, and Char


Sean, Sandhya, and Emily





What are your thoughts on Project Runway?

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