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Hi everybody! So today I am sharing my thoughts on the latest Project Runway Episode. The wonderful Jamie very kindly let me share her idea of doing a Thoughts On Project Runway post. I feel like Project Runway is really how we connected so I am super excited to write this post! I hope y’all enjoy!

I will start this out by saying that I miss Mitchell! I want him to be my best friend because he seems like so much fun!

The Challenge:

Make your own version of an alternative wedding dress and a corresponding reception dress to go with it. Other than that there were no rules.


Dita Von Teese and Chiara Ferragni

via- Blogging Project Runway

via- Blogging Project Runway

During the show:

Main drama- Korina (of course) is being really rude to Amanda and calling her fake!! Then Char told Amanda that any time she wins she is taking a win away from another person! Um… honey… that is how the show works…

Great, teams again, this will end well. Of course Korina and Amanda are together!

I really was not liking the sketch Emily had the veil/hood looked crazy.

Love the color of Sam and Alexander’s dresses but I agree that they look too similar.

Char’s dress looks like a mess!

My mom commented on Korina being a “hater” LOL

I actually really liked the black and peach that Fade and Emily worked with. I also loved Kini’s look!

Really not liking Korina’s look and I am happy that Amanda is sticking to her guts and trying not to let the drama bother her too much.

My thoughts on the yellow Char and Sandhya used: I actually liked the color, but I don’t know if I would wear it.

Korina ran out of time because she spent so long on her jacket so Amanda had to do her pants. Then Korina had the audacity to complain about them! If you don’t like them you should have done them yourself! A.K.A I really don’t like Korina anymore.

The Runway: (in order of the pictures)

via- Blogging Project Runway

via- Blogging Project Runway

Alexander– I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it. I really didn’t mind the appliqués too much, but the seam right above her knee looked awful!

Sam– Ummmmm not really a fan. If you see the dress close up you cans see she tried to do some weird ombre thing that just looked like a big stain. I see where some people may like this dress, but it is just not my style.

Korina– The jacket just seemed a little off to me. Maybe I am just biased but with the amount of time she spent on it, it just looked messy.

Amanda– I have really liked all of her designs so far, and this one did not disappoint! I really liked the triangle pattern and how chic the whole thing looked.

Sandhya and Char– I put these together because I feel the same way about both… they are a hot mess! When the judges really looked at them they saw they were constructed completely wrong! The whole concept was just bad!

Emily– I liked the bottom with the peach showing through but not the top. I really don’t like the hood and the long lace sleeves.

Fade– His was really cool! He actually painted some of the fabric to look like leather! My only problem with his is that from far away it looked pretty basic, like something I could find at any Dillards.

Kini– Amazing! I was in love!! His look was very high fashion yet still wearable.

Sean– Also great! I loved the movement his shirt had, and his pants were wonderful.

Top Group:

Kini and Sean

Bottom Groups:

Emily and Fade

Char and Sandhya

Sam and Alexander



He did great but I feel like Kini was robbed. He has been in the top so many times and still hasn’t won! He also made Sean’s shirt.



This didn’t surprise me at all. She had been solidly in the middle every time. She hadn’t been doing anything too bad, but she wasn’t doing anything too good either.

What did you think of this episode and all the drama?

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