Everything Is Coming To An End a.k.a I Need Your Help Finding TV Shows To Watch 8

I decided to do this post last Wednesday night when my dad saw that one of our favorite TV shows was coming to an end and another show that wont be back on until December. I was VERY upset about the whole thing and dad said, “Oh, I see a blog post coming on” and that gave me this idea! I want to share some of my favorite TV shows with y’all many of which, sadly, have ended.


CastleThis is the only TV show I will talk about today that is still running, but it won’t come back on until October! I am so upset about this because last season ended with a huge cliffhanger!!! Castle is a detective show but I really like it because it is not too gory. Castle, the main character, has a very sarcastic sense of humor. Every episode is, of course, solving a murder but you also have the back-story of Kate’s (the other main character) mothers murder and the growing relationship between Kate and Castle.


PsychThe amount of times I have watched all the seasons over and over again is ridiculous, but so fun! I will start laughing so hard I end up crying watching this show. It is also a detective show but with a lot more humor. The main character, Shawn, tells the police he is “psychic” when really he just has extremely good observation skills. This show is so well written and has never failed to put a smile on my face.


Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, and Gossip GirlIf you haven’t watched even one of these shows then you are truly missing out! These long running TV “dramas” have all been off the air for quite some time, but at least we have Netflix! All of these shows have been an obsession of mine at one time or another because they are SO good.


White Collar the show that really pushed me to do this post. I found out that this upcoming season of White Collar will be its last. I am HEART-BROKEN! I remember watching that first episode years ago and falling absolutely in love with the show. The main character Neal has been convicted of being a bond forger. Besides that fact that he is really attractive (but really it’s ridiculous) he is also incredibly smart. Peter the FBI agent who put him in jail admires Neal’s ability and sees how he could be an asset to the bureau. They end up working together on many, many, cases. The show is very smart and funny and I really recommend to watch it if you haven’t already.


As you can see almost all of my favorite TV shows have ended, or are ending soon, and I need everyone’s help. If you have any suggestions for TV shows please, please, please let me know!

What are your favorite TV shows?


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8 thoughts on “Everything Is Coming To An End a.k.a I Need Your Help Finding TV Shows To Watch

  • Laura

    Love this post!! I’m always looking for new shows to watch. I think I’m going to start Gilmore Girls – I need something to fill the Gossip Girl shaped hole in my heart (I just finished last month. Still heartbroken). You’ve probably seen it but I feel like I have to recommend Sex and the City. I also love New Girl!

    • Carrieonblogs Post author

      You will love Gilmore Girls, it is one of my absolute favorites! It will help fill the hole that Gossip Girls leaves (but nothing can really fill it up)! I really haven’t watched those shows too much but I need to because I have heard great things about them. Thanks for the shows!


  • Jamie

    When I first got the e-mail and saw “Everything is coming to an end” I was freaking out – I thought you meant your blog was ending!! I’m so glad its not. Anyways, I’ve been addicted to a ton of shows on the Food Network lately, like Cutthroat Kitchen and the Next Great Food Truck Race. Check them out!
    xoxo, Jamie

    • Carrieonblogs Post author

      Hahahaha I didn’t even think about it like that! I will have to check those shows out because I used to watch Food Network all the time. Thank you and I promise I won’t stop blogging!;)