Lessons I Learned Freshman Year 2

I, sadly, start school this Thursday, and as you can guess, I am not really looking forward to it. I came up with some things I learned freshman year and thought I would share them with y’all. I think these are good things to know no matter what grade you are going into. I figured I would also do this after my senior year and see what has, or hasn’t, changed. As a Student Recruiter for my school Wednesday I have to help with freshman orientation, and I think some of these will be good things to share with them.


one//Take the PSAT– Our school offers the PSAT to freshman-juniors, and I really recommend everyone take it. A lot of kids think of it as a blow off day where they either don’t show up or just don’t try. The PSAT can give you a look at what you will make on the SAT, how well you test, and can be really good at getting you scholarships. I am not saying you have to study hard for the PSAT, just take it seriously.

two//Prioritize- School should always come first; before sports, blogging, or any other social activity. With a lot to juggle, even just within school, sometime you have to prioritize your schoolwork too. One of the last weeks in the third quarter this past year I had A LOT of work (I am talking multiple projects, speeches, tests, and quizzes all in one week)! The weekend before I had planned on finishing up the projects, doing research for the speech, studying for all of the tests and quizzes, and doing an extra credit project for geometry. I had to decide, for my sanity, to not do the extra credit and decide what needed to be done first. NOTE: I do always recommend doing extra credit but when you are crazy busy, and if you don’t need the grade boost, it should be the first to go.

three//Grades are important but not everything- Don’t get me wrong grades are really important and shouldn’t be taken lightly, but don’t let them consume your life. When you are busy at school it can feel like you should always be studying, but you need breaks. Also don’t be that kid that freaks out when they get a 95 because they wanted a 100-it’s crazy! Like I said above school should come first, but don’t alienate your friends because you are always studying.

four//Be nice to teachers even if you don’t like them- Case in point: I had a teacher this past year I was not particularly fond of, however, I always tried to be polite, friendly, and make her laugh. A lot of people were not polite to her and it, well, blew up in their face. We didn’t know this but at the end of the year SHE was the one that decided who got into Pre AP World History. Even if we had the grades, if she didn’t write us the recommendation, we didn’t get into the class.

five// It is ok to freak out and confess you are overwhelmed- So you know that crazy week I was talking about earlier in number two? Yeah, I freaked out a few times that week. We had gotten a new English teacher a few weeks before and she decided that regular English didn’t have a write a biography paper like they usually do. I cried when I found this out because I thought it wasn’t fair they didn’t have to and Pre AP did! I really don’t know why, I think I was just overwhelmed. Later that same week I said with my friend as she basically had a panic attack about a bio test. Obviously, these are not normal events but when you have a lot going on it is easy to become overwhelmed. Sometimes you just need to step away and breathe. Other times you honestly need to cry. The big lesson is to not be scared to admit you are over whelmed. Sometimes you even have to let things go for a while; for me that means skipping a dance class and maybe taking a week off blogging. Whatever that means for you, don’t feel bad about having to let things go for awhile, it does not mean you are a failure, just that you are human.


What lessons did you learn from this past school year?

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2 thoughts on “Lessons I Learned Freshman Year

  • Gabby

    Hey you mentioned me!!! Lets hope that doesn’t happen again this year, omg it was terrible! LOVE this post though, let me know how orientation goes. 🙂