New Lilly Pulitzer Fall Releases 2

I feel like every preppy girl’s heart skips a beat when Lilly Pulitzer has new releases. Please tell me I am not the only one!!! Once I saw the new fall collection I fell madly (and I mean MADLY) in love with the clothes. We have all been obsessing over palm leaves for quite some time now- Lilly has made it perfect. The bright colors we all love – Lilly has made it perfect as usual. Amazing blue colors- Lilly has made it perfect. So what have we learned class??? Repeat after me- “Lilly Pulitzer makes everything perfect”. Class dismissed…

Today I wanted to brighten (get it because they use bright colors… I’m not clever) your morning and share some of my favorites from the new collection with y’all.


Windsor Strapless Pull-On Dress


Sanibel French Terry T-Shirt Dress


Callahan Short


Angel Metallic Lace Halter Maxi Dress


Angel Halter Maxi Dress



Deanna Tank Top Romper

This post= Lilly Pulitzer will kill my wallet

What is your favorite from the new fall collection?

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